Baked to Perfection

Order decadent bagels, muffins and danish are perfect for office meetings, seminars and presentations, as well as private affairs.

Bagels | Straight From The Oven - New York Style

Treat your guests to the most delicious bagels this side of the Hudson! Our recipe dates back more than 25 years. New York inspired, Jersey made. You can purchase them either by the dozen or by baskets. Each basket package is filled with beautifully arranged and freshly baked bagels that are sliced and cut in half. Cream cheese spreads and butter are sold separately. Listed below are the aforementioned packages, along with their corresponding prices:

Bagels by the Dozen (15) $12.00

Small Bagel Basket (8 Pieces) $12.00

Large Bagel Basket (15 Pieces) $19.00

Individual Packets of Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly | Combo Pack |$9.99

Homemade Cream Cheese Spreads $3.95 | Vegetable | Scallion and Chives | Bacon Cheddar |  Fresh Strawberry | 

Butter | 8oz container $3.99

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Bagel Crumbcake Strawberry Bagel

Mouthwatering Muffins

Mouthwatering Muffins

Your friends and co-workers will surely fall in love with our tasty homemade cupcake-sized muffins. Just like our bagels, we also offer these muffins in baskets. Available flavors include:

Double Chocolate | Corn | Blueberry Crumb | Cinnamon Coffee Cake | Chocolate Chip

Box of 12—$15.95. | Small Basket (15 Pieces)—$24.95 | Large Basket (24 Pieces)—$29.95

Home of  "Maria's Old Fashioned Crumb Cake"

Box of 12 | $24.00

Danish and Croissants

Beverage Service

Beverage Service

Fresh Brewed Original Roast Coffee—$2.00 per Person |  Orange Juice—$2.50 per Person |  Coffee and Orange Juice—$3.50 per Person

Hot Breakfast Trays

15-18 people per tray | 24 hrs notice required

Scrambled Eggs - $23.99  |  Omelet Choice - $26.99  |  Bacon - $29.99  |  Sausage Links - $29.99

Hash Brown Potatoes - $17.99  |  French Toast - Butter -Syrup  $24.99

Paper Products | Sterno Racks | Not Included